IMG_1190I have some long years in the web design industry. It really is something I enjoy but sometimes it drives me crazy (some understand what I mean).

I currently work for Amazon as interactive designer for the Kindle and e-comerce site ( Since I cannot talk too much about it I will jump to my previous job… I worked as web designer and animator for TBWA/Chiat. I had the opportunity to do some interesting projects like Facebook applications, web sites, mobile sites, micro sites and rich media banners. I enjoyed doint these things for clients like Absolut, Birds Eye, British Air Ways, Nike, Vonage, Nicorette, Michelin, Jameson, Ethicon, and Planters.

A few years before I worked for Battery Interactive; that’s where I really started doing interactive work in programs like Adobe Flash, when Flash was cool. I helped on the development of online campaigns for clients such as Canon, Avon, Mark, Bloomingdales, NBA, among others. In 2006, I worked for Bronx Community College as tutor and graphic designer. I did some print and web work and where I learned to work as team player.

Finally, before coming to this tremendous country, I had a passion for the arts so I enrolled at the School of Fine Arts. From there on I had a deep understanding of drawing and painting that captivated me.

After work, I spend the rest of my time with my beautiful wife Patricia and my little guy Jaid.